Havana – Day 3 of 5 – Jossie’s House

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Manuel drops us off at the corner of 6th Street and Laidia in Vedado, the neighborhood mentioned in earlier posts that was once characterized by wealth and is considered to be the most modern part of Havana. Famous architects built magnificent buildings, hotels, and homes in this area from the early 20th Century up until Fidel Castro took over in 1959. It is said that everything beautiful was built before 1959, nothing after.

Since the Revolution, most everything has been preserved by neglect…including this beautiful Beaux-Arts style home built by Alonso Solis.

Jossie's House by John

Alonso lived in the home with his wife, Blanca Soler and his son, Jose Miguel. When Jose Miguel married, his wife, Jossie Alonso, moved in and still lives there with her dog, Piccola. today.

Jossie's House

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