P.S. Your Photographer Pooted

Gah I just realized that it’s Wednesday and I have neglected you all since last Friday!  For good reason though…we had that wedding all weekend and I had to be moved out of my house before the cleaning crew came yesterday afternoon – which meant Sunday was filled with travel, packing, and an impromptu gourmet dinner party (which I will get to eventually); Monday flew by while I juggled, work, exercising, moving and a little family time; and yesterday was the same deal with a little more family time.

Rewind to Friday’s post with the beautiful cupcakes…let’s just preface how the night turned out (after the rehearsal dinner) with this pic…

(Side note if you missed the last post: we stayed at our friend Bryan’s parent’s house on Lake Wateree, SC Friday night so we could play on the lake Saturday before heading back to Rock Hill, SC for the wedding Saturday night)

At least we saved the front two for Randy and Susan (Bryan’s parents) – it being their thank you for hosting us gift and all :)

Typically when you get a gift for your host, you don’t demolish before they have a chance to enjoy.  The late night 1800 mixed with Olde Mecklenburg (you can tell by our late night drink menu that we were clearly in good company) must have given Michael and I the munchies or somethin.  We were courteous enough to ask Randy which one he wanted and which one he thought Susan would like before we dug into all of them – and we even shared a fork because we obviously didn’t want to take up too much room in the dishwasher.  Apparently the red velvet was our fave – it’s nowhere in sight.  OH and Michael ate the cookie off the top of the Chocolate Cookie Monster before I could get to it.  If only he knew how badly I wanted to eat that sucker all afternoon…

About 5 hours before we inhaled their gift, we did enjoy an AWESOME rehearsal dinner for two of John’s friends, Jeb and Jennifer (keep in mind that I’ve only met the groom one time, and that was the first time I got to meet the bride).  I love how they did it though.  We got there and had cocktails and hors d’oeuvres before we sat down for dinner – the perfect way to unwind from our scenic drive through Blacksburg, SC (which had a lot of gas stations that sparked a conversation about a little town called Gadsden, SC that was recently in the news – if you need help visualizing our location) to Rock Hill.  Plus, I was already expecting a fun night after I saw the table seatings on the way in the door – we (John & myself, Bryan & Sarah, Michael & Leah) were the only table of 6 (I think the rest were 8)…probably a good idea with that crew.  Then I saw the ladies with the trays that were covered in graduating circles of delicious mini crabcakes and it took everything in me not to pop one of those bad boys in my mouth every time they got close.  I managed to only have like 2ish… then I saw this and I really knew we were in for a good night…

Yes, that is a cake, not a real dead mounted plastic-y sailfish

The picture doesn’t even do this fabulousness justice.  It seriously looked like a real dead mounted plastic-y sail fish!  It was beautiful and there was even another surprise, but I won’t get into that until I get to dessert.

I can’t remember what kind of red wine they had, but it was really good and I should probably tell you now that we enjoyed it from this point on -with the salad through the speeches.

I was a little hungry and feelin’ good by the time we got to sit and eat the salad and forgot about taking a pic until I was more than half way through.  I did manage to snap a shot of the meal though!

Filet, Sea Bass, Asparagus, Whipped Potatoes

The filet was perfect and the sea bass was just plain buttery flakey goodness.  I’m pretty sure we all cleaned our plates.  And now, get ready for the surprise…drumroll please….

Dessert, Oh. My.

THE CAKE THAT LOOKED LIKE A REAL DEAD MOUNTED PLASTIC-Y SAILFISH WAS CHOCOLATE AND VANILLA!!!!!!!!  I made a trip to the ladies room and when I got back, I had this awesome looking piece of chocolate cake waiting for me and thought about how happy I was to be so fooled by the fish’s outward appearance and that it’s inside was a moist and fluffy rich-colored brown…I am a usually a good guesser about the inside of cakes, and was totally expecting a more dense, wedding-ish, white, vanilla flavored inside.  Then I came back to earth and looked around the table to find that some people had a white piece!  Well, it looked just like the moist and fluffy rich-colored chocolate piece but it was a moist and fluffy cake batter-colored vanilla piece (proven wrong twice!).  I then clued in that the cake must have been chocolate AND vanilla and that there was some sort of decision that was made for me as to how I ended up with chocolate…come to find that John knew I would want chocolate so he chose for me.  Well, I used this to my advantage and told the lady I actually wanted vanilla and that my fiance ordered the chocolate while I was in the bathroom (really I wanted both equally but she didn’t need to know any of that)…so I asked if I could snag a vanilla piece – she hunted one down – and I got to enjoy BOTH.  Woop Woop.  And who knew that plastic-y looking icing could actually be sugary perfection?  The cake far exceeded my expectations if you can’t tell…

During the speeches two things happened.  1.  These guys ended up in my water:

They couldn’t breathe out of water so someone had to save them…

and 2. the photographer pooted and I lost it.  See, he would kneel down in between our table and the family table in order to properly document the occasion at just the right angle.  About the third time he knelt down, he indeed let one rip and it took me probably 3 seconds to realize that that really just happened.  Well I immediately look at Bryan, who is closest to me, and as soon as I noticed that he heard it too and it wasn’t my imagination I absolutely lost it.  Died laughing for a good 2 minutes – I say full 2 minutes because yes, he did it again, which sent me over the edge again.  My abs were sore the next morning and I’m pretty sure it had to do with this moment because I wasn’t busting out any crunches on Friday night.

FF to our exit…

Sarah and I decided to rest and take a picture on the way out and sat down on a bench right in front of the guestbook.  MISTAKE.  Sarah very carefully signed the book with a sweet message, and I did too – until the P.S. Even though I had dropped it, the pooting photographer didn’t want to leave the front of my wine-filled thoughts, so I decided to leave them with this (from someone the bride met at her rehearsal dinner) to always remember their wedding day:

“Congrats Jeb and Jennifer! Love, Lindsay and John…P.S. your photographer pooted.”  In writing.  Forever.

Then we got back in the car to make the 30 min trip to Randy and Susan’s at Lake Wateree – where we didn’t stay 10 minutes before they took us to join the party at the neighbor’s.  It was the most fun group of “40-50 somethings” ever…Randy and Susan (duh) the couple that owned the house, and like 7 other ladies that were friends of another neighbor up the street (who were all fhigh school buddies and get together once a year at the lake).  PAR-TAY.  We enjoyed some 1800 (if you haven’t ever had it, it’s probably because you aren’t sophisticated), some Olde Mecklenburg on tap (if you haven’t had it, it’s probably because it’s crack beer), a few conversations about how cool it is to still have friends from high school (which I can definitely relate to), and a few rounds of cornhole before heading back home to eat my gift for our hosts and play a little pool.

Just kidding on the Olde Mecklenburg by the way…it’s really pretty good and brewed out of Charlotte, NC.  Truth: In the morning, I consider anything that came out of a keg the night before to be crack beer because I end up drinking it so daggum fast and don’t pay attention to the quantity consumed, leaving me to feel like what I think a crack hangover would feel like???  Or beer mixed with crack…I don’t know…

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