Workouts June 26 – July 2

Workouts June 26 – July 2

  • June 26 – off, moved
  • June 27 – 6 mile run, 1hr Power Yoga
  • June 28 – 30 min run (a.m.), 15 min elliptical, 45 min spin class
  • June 29 – p90x legs and back
  • June 30 – off
  • July 1 – off
  • July 2 – 6 mile run outside, hilly neighborhood

Stone Soup

Excuse me while I rewind to last Thursday.  John and I kicked off the long weekend with a date to Stone Soup in Landrum, SC after I finished my film debut at Smithwork’s…the jewelry store in Spartanburg where John got my ring.  I got to participate in their first ever TV commercial that will air starting in September on their facebook page, youtube and TV networks.  It was actually a lot of fun (after the glass of wine made my nerves go away) I just had to sit on a stool in front of the camera and tell our story about getting the ring, the engagement, etc.  I thought it would be weird talking about all of that in front of a few strangers, but it really wasn’t. 

Since I was already dressed and 2 glasses of wine in to the night’s celebration, all I had to do was meet John to head straight up to Landrum for our date to begin!  I wanted to relax Thursday night because I knew Friday would be dedicated to preparing for our weekend guests (which takes a lot of thought and preparation if you don’t want to make any more trips to the store once they get there).  So, off we went.

If you haven’t ever been to Stone Soup, you should seriously make the trip.  I am a sucker for casual fine dining experiences because you don’t have to get all fancy for food that certainly is – this place definitely fits the bill.  It is such an awesome place to go for a spontaneous/need a change of scenery date night or a fun dinner with a small group of friends.  You can dress up if you’re feeling saucy, or you can wear jeans if you’re feeling laid back.  People say it’s really good for lunch too, but I haven’t had the chance to check it out.  I’ll take their word based on the fabulous dinner menu.  I can’t leave out how cool the atmosphere is either…the restaurant has an equestrian theme to incorporate Landrum’s horse community while giving off a cozy feel – like you are enjoying dinner at a friend’s house where everyone knows each other.  The owner, Suzanne, is there every time we go and always comes and speaks…you can tell she loves what she does and it spreads throughout the whole place. 

View from the parking get to enter through a garden!

Everytime we’ve visited, the food has been outstanding.  We decided we would take our time ordering and enjoy our bottle of Estancia pinot noir (always a good choice if you haven’t decided on dinner yet because it is really smooth and pairs well with almost anything) while munching on the lobster cigars as an app.

Lobster meat with green onion cream cheese wrapped in a crispy golden brown spring roll served with apricot ginger sauce

We got 2 cigars, but John ate his before I had a chance to snap a pic.  They are really good, but also really rich.  Definitely enough for 2, maybe 4 people if you want to split each one. I got the trout, I think…it was a special and I wasn’t really paying that close of attention to what was on it…it was served over sauteed mushrooms, tomatoes, and cilantro but don’t know what sauce…

Farm raised in Andrews, North Carolina, their trout is butterflied, pan seared and topped with lemon brown butter sauce

It was exactly what I wanted and didn’t make me feel overly stuffed, but I was definitely satisfied.  I could tell that the fish was fresh and it was perfectly cooked.  John got a special too, so I can’t look it up on the menu (I am going to start writing this stuff down) but it’s something similar to their Filet Oscar – topped with shrimp instead of crab meat.

Grilled filet mignon on top of mashed potatoes topped with grilled shrimp, asparagus, and a sauce of some kind

YUM.  It looked so good…I didn’t get to taste it, but I know he enjoyed it!  We also opted for dessert that was out of this world.

Creme brulee brownie with homemade vanilla ice cream

It was so moist and chocolatey and warm.  The cold ice cream made it even better.  You can’t beat homemade ice cream.  On top of it being an awesome dessert, it was even better since our waiter gave it to us as a treat to celebrate our engagement!  How sweet was that!?  Good way to end the night…