Power Protein Snack – Chocolate Greek Yogurt with Fresh Blueberries

So yesterday I made up a new hill interval during my lunch break and it about killed me – in a good way.  It definitely woke me up and gave me a break from thinking about work since I had to concentrate on the run. I get bored on treadmills so I like doing intervals because of all of the changes. Here’s what it looked like…it got tough around minute 22:

The Beat Humpday Slumpday Lunchtime Hill Interval

The results…

477 Calories, 4.4 miles, 45 min

This workout was awesome and definitely powered me back up for the rest of the afternoon at work.  Let me get back to the beginning of my day so I can share with you what breakfast and snack got me through that run.  I ate breakfast around 7:30am but I can’t remember what…maybe just a piece of toast with peanut butter?  Then I had this protein power up snack around 11:00am to hopefully get me through my 12:45 lunchtime run without filling me up too much (I prefer to run on at least 2 hrs of an empty stomach so I don’t get cramps, but sometimes I can’t because I get too damn hungry between breakfast and lunch)…

Protein Power Up Snack – Chocolate Protein and 0% All Natural Non Fat Plain Greek Yogurt with Fresh Blueberries
This might not sound good, but I promise it was!  That was the first time I tried it, so it took me a couple of tastes to get it sweet enough.  I mixed together 1/2 scoop of chocolate protein powder (the chocolate version of my favorite kind – Designer Whey), 3/4c Fage (pronounced Fa-yeh!) greek yogurt, 1/2c blueberries, a packet of stevia, and a dash of cinnimon.  This small snack was packed with 27g protein with an added bonus of antioxidants,calcium, and fiber – plus it was good…tasted sort of like a dessert…my fave. 

Pepperoni Express Pizza Co. & Strawberry Hill Cafe

Last Friday my day was completely consumed with food shopping for the weekend – Costco, Wal-Mart and Ingles….all on the Friday before 4th of July weekend.  Enough said.  We had to plan for lunch Saturday for 6, dinner Saturday night for 12, breakfast Sunday for 8, lunch Sunday for 8, dinner Sunday for 6 and brunch Monday for 6.  That’s a lotta cookin’ (not to mention cleaning, but luckily I had good help).  Before I get into what I cooked, I have to tell you about Friday night’s dinner and Saturday’s breakfast. 

Friday night we decided not to touch the kitchen, so we ordered pizza from Pepperoni Express Pizza Co. in Inman.  They also have subs, hot dogs, wings, salads, chicken strips, etc.  We saw an article on goupstate.com about it so thought we would try it out.  We got it delivered, so I can’t really tell you about the atmosphere but the pizza was delicious.  We ordered the Hawaiian BBQ and it got there within 25 minutes and tasted like it was just cooked…I think they cook it in a pan, not an oven, but I’m not positive.  Oh AND we found out that they deliver to your dock if you live on Lake Bowen!!  That would have been cool…

Hawaiian BBQ Pizza - sweet sauce, bbq chicken, pineapple, ham...so good.

So after eating pizza for dinner Friday night, we made a trip up to Strawberry Hill the next morning to check out their breakfast at the cafe and pick up some fresh produce for the weekend.  Apparently we weren’t the only ones who had the idea to go there for breakfast…the place was PACKED with a wait, so we opted to sit at the counter where we watched them whip up all kinds of stuff – country ham, bologna, sausage, bacon, livermush -heart healthy southern food.  I chose the vegetarian omelet (which comes with grits and a biscuit)…I have to admit that this is the picture before I sent the omelet back because I asked for no cheese, and it came with cheese (dairy hasn’t been settling well with me lately and it was all over Friday night’s pizza).

Vegetarian omelet: onions, tomatoes, peppers, cheese with grits and a homemade biscuit

The omelet was really good…your standard omelet…the grits were good once I loaded them with butter, salt, and pepper (next time I will try the hashbrowns instead)…but the biscuit was amazing.  It was warm, homemade and fluffy on the inside while still being a tiny bit crispy on the outside.  I also got two sides:

Slice of cantaloupe...fresh, perfectly ripe, juicy

 And of course,

Seasonal bowl of fresh peaches....oh my natural sugar high...

If you’ve never had ripe southern peaches in July, you better get on it.  They are the most delicious, sweet, flavorful fruit of the year and the Upstate has the best crops around…Strawberry Hill included.   We also picked up a few additional items for the weekend:

Seedless watermelon, squash, peaches, cantaloupe, blackberries, and blueberries (underneath the squash)

For Saturday’s lunch we just did make your own sandwiches with bread, cheese, ham and turkey we got at Costco because I did not want to have to cook or mess up the kitchen before Saturday night’s feast.  Once everyone made it up to the lake and finished lunch, we headed out for a boat cruise and were lucky enough to meet up with some triplets (Boland Babies)!! 

Charlie helping Bryan drive the boat!

I forgot to take pictures of our wonderful/fabulous meal on Saturday night and I’m so mad at myself.  We had the BEST tenderloin, grilled squash and mushrooms, Sister Shubert’s roles, and a chopped apple salad courtesy Bobby Flay with toasted walnuts, blue cheese, and homemade pomegranate vinaigrette.  Topped the meal off with homemade peach ice-cream (thanks to my pops!) and fresh-baked sugar cookies for dessert.  Next time we host a dinner party, I will take note to snap some photos.  It was definitely enjoyed by all!