Breakfast of Champions

I love days off.  I’ve just been taking my time doing everything and it’s so nice.  Before we head to Greenville to shop, I want to share this yummy breakfast I had this morning.


3 egg whites, a fresh peach, 1/2 of a sandwich thin with rhubarb strawberry preserve, and the good part of a pork chop Toto cooked last night.  By good part, I mean this part that is now missing…


I added some more of the glaze she used last night to the chunk I stole and heated it up in the skillet I used for the eggs.  I also mixed in a tiny bit with the egg whites once they were done.  It was super sweet and REALLY good.


The spread I used for the sandwich thin was equally as AWESOME.  I think she got it at a country store in Saluda, NC.  Gah I love living at home because my mom has all kinds of cool sauces, jellies, jams, spices, etc.


I think Jack wanted a slice of peach too…


This was a Breakfast of Champions for sure.  Now I’m off to get ready for our trip to Greenville…a little Poinsett Bride anyone??

OH and I cannot WAIT for tonight!  I forgot to mention that my friends are having a little get together to celebrate our engagement and all of my BEST friends from home are going to be there.  I’m so pumped!