Happy 85th B-Day Grandmama!!!

Workout: Training Day 3 of 82


Today’s run was 5×400 at a 5k pace.  I ran the 400 in high school and  haven’t stepped foot on a track in probably 4 years, so I was excited about today’s run.  Whoa, well I completely forgot how to pace myself for 1 lap around the track.  I thought it would come back to me naturally, but honestly I had a really hard time keeping a fast pace the entire way around by the 3rd 400.  I forgot to time each lap, but I’m sure it took me at least 90 seconds or more and I jogged slowly for around a minute between them.  Hopefully I’ll be a little more conditioned for the next interval run in 2 weeks.  Here are the results:


  • Miles: 2.01
  • Time: 21:03
  • Calories Burned: 196.1


I stayed on schedule and did the P90X shoulders/arms and ab routines without the DVD…mainly because I’m really sick of Tony.

Change of subject…


For lunch today I got to go to Cribb’s Kitchen – my favorite restaurant in Spartanburg – for Grandmama’s 85th birthday!!  First, let me tell you about Grandmama Betty – my dad’s mom.

John and Grandmama

I can honestly say that she is the strongest woman I have ever met.  I’ve never seen her lose her composure, not even when my grandfather (who was equally as amazing) passed away a little over a year ago.  While we were all a mess, she was the one consoling, comforting and telling us it would be alright.   She’s also one of the most well-liked people I’ve ever met.  Probably because she is so genuine, down to earth, thoughtful and truly kind.  I can seriously feel how much she loves me every time I’m around her, even if we’re just sitting in her living room having a conversation.  She’s incredibly attentive, and even at the age of 85 can remember everything I tell her.  Like if I have a bad day or am upset about something, she makes sure to ask me about it the next time we talk – just one way I know how much she cares about me.  I could go on and on about this woman so I’ll end with this:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMAMA!!!!

But seriously, Cribb’s doesn’t typically do anything special for b-days that I’ve seen – until today.  Kenneth Cribb (chef William’s bro) made the effort to come talk to us, found out it was Grandmama’s bday, and without mentioning anything else about it brought her a surprise after we were finished with lunch.  He was SO nice to have the kitchen make this just for her:


They wrote Happy B-Day with AMAZING caramel! 


Holy Moly.  I don’t know if Cribb’s actually made this cheesecake, but it was absolutely perfect.  We all got to take one bite before giving it back to Grandmama.  I’m really glad there was only one piece because I know for a fact that I wouldn’t have the self control to pass this puppy up. 

For my lunch, I stuck to the only 20% carb thing today and got the Asian Salad with seared tuna.


It was perfect and that dressing was to die for.  I forgot to snap a pic of the menu so I can’t remember exactly how he described it.  I know the salad had edamame, red onion, mung bean sprouts, cucumbers, and steamed broccoli but I’m not sure what the dressing was made with.  It was Asian-inspired and delish.  All you need to know.  I do think that tuna is the best protein to add to this salad though.

Fabulous lunch at Cribb’s!

I’ll end this post with pics of the zinnias our neighbor brought over last night.  They are B.E.A. UTIFUL.


In a milk carton…so neighborly/awesome.



This one’s my favorite…so cool.