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Workout: Training Day 2 of 82

Today’s workout was the first scheduled run of my half marathon training!  It was a slow 3 mile run, which is supposed to be run at a pace where you can hold a conversation. Normally I would have been able to hold a conversation at the pace I was running, but the neighborhood I was running in is SUPER hilly.  So even if I do run slow, it’s still too hard to imagine conversing with anyone.

Anyway, with a cool-down, stats were as follows:


  • Miles: 3.20
  • Time: 34:36
  • Calories Burned: 305.6

Now I’m not running to count calories, but this nifty new watch I got tells me how many I burn, so I think I’ll share.  Mainly because it’s pretty depressing that I was virtually dying running up 7ish steep hills thinking I was working harder than I really was.  Didn’t even burn off that ice cream I had on Sunday…oh well.


Salmon was on the menu for din din last night…


Along with peas, mushrooms and tomatoes.  I think I sort of went over my 20% carb limit today, but I can balance it out tomorrow. Apologies for no recipe with this salmon, but I’m tired and don’t have time to post any longer.  I seasoned with olive oil, dried dill, ground pepper, red pepper flakes, fresh thyme and lemon juice.  Then I wrapped it in tin foil, placed in a glass baking dish, and cooked in the oven at 350 for around 30 minutes. 

Tomorrow’s run is interval training…woo hoo!  Going to bed…toots.

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