Vacay Food Recap

Whoa yesterday morning was a tough one.  A week’s vacay definitely got me out of my normal routine and waking up for work was harder than I anticipated.  I could have gone to bed early, but I had to stay up to watch the final episode of Entourage.  It was sort of cheesy, but whatever.  I loved it. 

Anyway, I already miss the beach.  Probably because of all of the good eats and drinks.  I feel like I need to share a few of our dinners with you because they were out of this world.  We didn’t go out to eat one night while we were in Litchfield…the moms cooked every night and it was probably better than anything we could have gotten at a restaurant.  I clearly took advantage of my “just a little” approach last week in terms of diet…I didn’t worry for a second about what I was eating and just enjoyed the good food and company.  Sometimes it just ain’t worth worrying about.  Unless you gain 10lbs because you’ve been using this approach for a month now…


Wednesday 9/7

Wednesday night there were just 6 of us for dinner…my mom and dad, Buff and Cara Lynn, John and myself.  Mom used the fresh local scallops and shrimp we picked up at Independent Seafood to make our meal.


Seared scallops with mango-corn salsa



Grouper Dip (made with leftover grouper from Tuesday night)



 Entree: Shrimp and Grits



Thursday 9/8

We had 8 people for dinner Thursday night because our friends Hayes and Molly got to join us!  We had such a good time and I’m pretty sure my abs were sore from laughing so hard that night.

Dinner: succotash, green beans, potatoes, Kudzu Bakery cheesy garlic biscuits, tenderloin, venison, and duck breast…jeez.




Green Beans




Kudzu Bakery Cheese and Garlic Biscuits (these things come frozen from the local bakery and all you have to do is pop them in the oven – they are AMAZING and my favorite part about Kudzu, besides the chocolate chip cookies)




Venison and Duck Breast (that was cooked wrapped in bacon…heart healthy)


Look at this pile of meat:


We had so much leftover.  I also made ice cream, but totally forgot to take a picture.

Friday 9/9

Cathy and Billy (two of my parent’s friends) joined us for the weekend so we had 8 people again for din din. 

Dinner: Crab Cakes and Butternut Squash Ravioli “salad”



The crab cakes were made with crab that was also from Independent Seafood.  The butternut squash ravioli came from Kudzu Bakery.  This was probably my favorite meal of the week.  Amazing.

We ended this meal with a hilarious game of apples to apples.


I feel like you learn a lot about people’s sense of humor playing this game.  It’s one of my faves.

Saturday 9/10

Saturday was my dad’s bday and the Carolina/Georgia game…good day!  We were all moving pretty slowly and grazed on leftovers and  tailgate food literally all afternoon/evening.  This included some awesome chicken wings that Buff made.  He was mad at me for not taking pics of his wings, but I was over the picture taking on Saturday.  Much more into gameday. 

I’m actually going to get my hair did right now, so I’m getting off this computer.  I’ll post some more pics from last week’s trip to the beach and Atlanta later this week.