Gorgonzola Cheese and Concorde Pear Should Get Hitched

It’s 8:45pm and I am just now getting to settle in.  Instead of relaxing at lunch, I made up a 5 mile run I skipped earlier this week.  Some days I love running during lunch, and others I don’t.  Today was definitely a “don’t” because I had about 3 other things I would have rather been doing.  The other things all involved spending money, so I decided that the run would probably be in my best interest.

Training Day 60 of 82: 5 mile run


The weather was absolutely perfect for a run: low 60s and sunny with a tiny breeze.  As soon as I started, I was really happy I decided on the run over spending my money on crap I don’t need (but somehow always manage to convince myself that I do).


I used leftover grilled chicken to make another salad for lunch, like yesterday.  Today I used spinach, a Concorde pear, gorgonzola crumbles, craisins and pistachios and drizzled with balsamic.


I think that any type of blue cheese goes perfectly with pears.  Always.  It’s one of my favorite fruit/cheese combos.


In this case, the savory-yet-spicy gorgonzola meshed oh-so-perfectly with the vanilla-sweet Concorde pear.  Seriously, I think they should get married.  If I were gorgonzola, I totally would.

Concordes are my favorite because they are sweet, juicy and firm.  These are my go-to pears for salads or just straight up eating.  Their flesh is pretty dense, which makes them perfect for any type of high heat cooking too.   I use them all of the time while they are in season – which is now until about February.

Enough about the pears.  When I finally made it home tonight, I did some real fine cooking.

Dinner – Lean Cuisine BBQ Chicken Pizza

Simply delectable.


I haven’t had a lean cuisine in forever and they really are good!  No wonder I lived off these…

I think I’m getting delirious I’m so tired.  I just re-read this post and wondered why in the world I decided Gorgonzola Cheese should marry Concorde Pear????

They are meant for each other I guess…

Ok – Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!

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