Made It To Nashville!

Hola from Nashville!  We have a little down time before our dinner reservations, so thought I’d give a little update.

We drove through Knoxville to get here, and stopped at the lovely Texas Roadhouse for lunch.  Probably not the best idea to stop at a chain restaurant off the highway that was giving free lunch to veterans from 11am – 2pm.  Not because I don’t love our veterans, but because I didn’t want to wait 45 minutes for a table at a restaurant behind the Wal-Mart.


The place was absolutely packed with veterans of all shapes and sizes.


We (thought) we got really lucky by finding 2 seats at the bar, eliminating our wait.  Then we realized that we were stuck at a BAR, unable to escape unwanted conversations.  But oh well…

They had veteran ketchup.


The food was good, but the portions were so huge that neither of us could finish our meals.  I got the roasted chicken, which was like 1/2 a chicken.


We made it to Nashville a little less than 3 hours later and went straight to pick up my bib in East Nashville,


which was really cool and artsy-ish.  We played around in a few stores while Christina finished up work.


I liked this place because of the awesome sculpture outside.


Then we joined the townies and their MacBooks at a coffee shop around the corner.  While they did important stuff on their laptops, I enjoyed a magic cookie bar.




And delicious…


Now we’re chillin before we go get dinner at one of Christina’s favorite restaurants, City House – where I will be using tomorrow’s run as an excuse to carbo-load.


Happy 11/11/11 (and Veteran’s Day)!!!  This is once in a century, people.  I personally think its cool…you should too.

I wanted to sleep in this morning since I don’t have work, but I’m just too excited about getting to Nashville.  I’m glad I got up because now I have time to relax on the couch, watch GMA, blog, and fix a good breakfast before we hit the road.  Sounds good to me.  Man do I miss the days when I actually had free time like this…I definitely took it for granted…

Anyway, last night’s oyster roast at Converse College was a success thanks to our friend Mary – who sold over 75 tickets!  I’m pretty sure the majority of the people we talked to last night got their tickets from her…good job Mary!  The event took place in a room behind their gym:


I didn’t even have any oysters,


but I did have some REALLY good BBQ!


That cookie was ridiculous too.  I think it had Heath Bars in it or something.  I had to try all 3 of the sauces: ketchup based, mustard based and vinegar based.  My favorite was the mustard based.


We had a pseudo photo shoot with Lindsey and Chad before we left…


The twins protested a solo pic, but we got a little something out of them…


They almost protested a group pic too, but we managed to squeeze one out.  This here is serious Chad.


And for breakfast this morning, “I’m makin’ WAFFLES.”  Not really, I made some pancakes but wanted to quote Donkey.


Pumpkin Almond Oatcakes


This was my first time making these and didn’t measure anything, so I’ll have to post the recipe next time I try them.  I used rolled oats, pumpkin, brown sugar, eggs, almond milk, almond butter, vanilla and cinnamon – topped with chia seeds and maple syrup.

Hope it keeps me full until lunch on the road to Nashvegas.   I’m off to get ready…peace out cub scouts!