Made It To Nashville!

Hola from Nashville!  We have a little down time before our dinner reservations, so thought I’d give a little update.

We drove through Knoxville to get here, and stopped at the lovely Texas Roadhouse for lunch.  Probably not the best idea to stop at a chain restaurant off the highway that was giving free lunch to veterans from 11am – 2pm.  Not because I don’t love our veterans, but because I didn’t want to wait 45 minutes for a table at a restaurant behind the Wal-Mart.


The place was absolutely packed with veterans of all shapes and sizes.


We (thought) we got really lucky by finding 2 seats at the bar, eliminating our wait.  Then we realized that we were stuck at a BAR, unable to escape unwanted conversations.  But oh well…

They had veteran ketchup.


The food was good, but the portions were so huge that neither of us could finish our meals.  I got the roasted chicken, which was like 1/2 a chicken.


We made it to Nashville a little less than 3 hours later and went straight to pick up my bib in East Nashville,


which was really cool and artsy-ish.  We played around in a few stores while Christina finished up work.


I liked this place because of the awesome sculpture outside.


Then we joined the townies and their MacBooks at a coffee shop around the corner.  While they did important stuff on their laptops, I enjoyed a magic cookie bar.




And delicious…


Now we’re chillin before we go get dinner at one of Christina’s favorite restaurants, City House – where I will be using tomorrow’s run as an excuse to carbo-load.