Cafe Monte – Charlotte, NC

We went to a cool restaurant for lunch on Saturday while we were in Charlotte – Cafe Monte French Bakery and Bistro.


I was excited about the French cuisine before we even got to the restaurant…we don’t have any French fare in the ‘Burg.  The inside was very cool,


but the menu was even cooler.  It took me a while to decide what I wanted because there was so much good stuff to choose from.  I eventually just had to block out the Hors D’Oeuvres, Entrees Principale, Eggs & Omelettes, Crepes, Toast & Waffles, Quiche, Pizza, and Sides so that I could focus on the Soupes & Salades and Sandwiches.  Picking something that qualified as a “typical lunch item” was the only way I could narrow down my choices.

I started off with a cup of the “French Tomato Bisque”


and it was really good – not too creamy, but tons of flavor.

Then he brought out my sandwich, the “Cafe Monte Open Face Vegetarien”


with onion marmalade, red pepper, tomato, asparagus, goat cheese, and basil pesto – and a side salad with apricot glaze.  I absolutely LOVED this sandwich.  The sweet onion marmalade and basil pesto complimented the creamy goat cheese in all the right ways.  The toasted bread even added some crunch as a bonus.

John also made a really good call on the “Cafe Monte French Dip” with “Pommes Frites.”


I was lucky enough to get a bite of this beauty, and it was just as tasty as it looks.

After lunch, we headed to Williams & Sonoma to start looking at stuff to register for.  I had way too much fun looking at all of the amazing kitchen gear in that place. I wanted to shoot the gun at just about every item in the store, but I figured that would be tacky.  I picked out our cookware and called it quits so couldn’t get trigger-happy.  Instead, I enjoyed some of the best apple cider I’ve ever had.


And then I found John (who didn’t think we needed to register for anything) browsing the knives…


Maybe I’ll let him pick those out…

We went back to AB and Jeff’s and hung out at home with Ellie


and Mr. Moe


for the rest of the evening.  We bonded, went through photos, played a very competitive game  of late night monopoly, ordered pizza for dinner, and ate some of the best cheese dip I’ve ever put in my mouth.



We were sad to leave Sunday morning, but get to see AB and Jeff again soon since the holidays are here!

I have to break up our weekend activities into 2 posts – Sunday night deserves it’s own due to a little adventure…