Update While Unplugged

Happy Cyber Monday! I’m back on the computer after a much needed 3 days unplugged. After finishing my Thanksgiving posts, I closed my computer for the rest of the weekend so I could fully enjoy the end of my mini vacay.  A brief update…

Friday: Headed to a fancy-schmancy dinner party/deb ball with the fam.


Where we ate some awesome food, drank a good bit of vino, and got jiggy with the band.


Saturday: My mom and I cleaned and cooked all day.  We had to get ready for friends that were coming over to watch the USC/Clemson game.  A surprisingly good way to cure a massive hangover – ended up with an impressive spread considering the circumstances.  I’ll have to share some recipes later, but my favorite things were the Texas Caviar (which looks disgusting in this picture)


and the Lee’s Chicken Fingers with homemade honey mustard.


I also loved mom’s creative centerpiece on our dining room table…


Good thing USC won, because everyone was in a really good mood all night.

Sunday: I slept in, started our online registry, went to see Breaking Dawn (which was so cheesy, but so good), spent time with John, and watched A LOT of TV.  I didn’t even bust out the computer or camera all day.

And now it’s Cyber Monday!

I haven’t purchased anything yet because I’ve been busy at work, but I hope to get some good deals on Christmas presents when I get home tonight.  I also hope someone has taken advantage of the good deals on Nikon D3100s….  :)

As for breakfast this morning, I made some pretty good pancakes


that kept me full until lunch. I made a quick salad with leftover grilled chicken, avocado, and black bean chipotle salsa while writing this post.


It was delicious and nutritious!  And now my lunch break is ova…sad.

By the way, if you haven’t noticed I’ve jumped off the workout train for the past 2 weeks.  I’m getting back on track starting this evening with a good ole’ fashioned step class at the Y.