Palmetto Cheese and Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Well, I had a deeply satisfying breakfast this morning.


Jalapeño Palmetto Cheese and Egg Breakfast Sandwich (with a touch of BBQ) and a side of Blueberries

DSC 0006

In case you’re wondering what the heck Palmetto Cheese is…

DSC 0001

it’s the BEST pimento cheese you’ve ever tasted – “The Pimento Cheese with Soul,” and it’s straight from Pawley’s Island, SC. Its not to mayonnaise-y, not to pimento-y, not too spicy, and not too cheesy.  It’s basically heaven in a little plastic tin. But beware…it’s powerfully addicting. I like the Jalapeño kind better than the original, but I’m also big on spicy stuff.

I spread the Palmetto Cheese on one side of a toasted sandwich thin, and spread some local “Hot” BBQ sauce on the other.

DSC 0008

(yes, we have a giant-sized jar at my parent’s house…comes in handy all the time)

DSC 0003

I threw on a plain, 2 egg white omelet and it made for one of the best breakfast sandwiches I’ve ever had. For such small amounts of the sauce and the cheese, it made for one huge kick to the taste buds.  It was awesome.

Oh, and I had some blueberries too.

DSC 0005

Lunch didn’t even come close to comparing, so I’ll spare you the details. My late afternoon snack is another story…


I’ve been working on a freelance project this week that personifies South Carolina, and my recipe-testing provided a pretty tasty treat.

DSC 0107

All of you South Carolinian readers definitely know what this is!  The article doesn’t come out until summertime, but I’ll be sure to share this recipe when it does.

As for this evening, I’m engaging in some more cooking because guess what tonight is?  Suppa Club!  I’ll be making some sweet potato hash and will definitely share the recipe when I’m done -if it’s good. :)

Hope you all have a great rest of your Thursday!  Tootles.