New Interval Workout and Weekend Recap

I’ve done all kinds of things since I ate those overnight oats Friday morning.  Reverse, Reverse.


I went to work like normal, got a lot done, ate a decent lunch, and took on my first speed interval in what’s probably been 2 months – that looked like this:


My goal going into this treadmill interval workout was three-fold.  First, I wanted it to total 45 minutes; second, I wanted to complete 10 sprints on a speed that would truly challenge me; and third, I didn’t want to get bored.  By actively recovering at a comfortable pace for a whole minute after every increase in speed, I was able to get myself “back together” and prepare for the next speed increase – without getting too tired. If a speed of 6.0 isn’t comfortable for you, or 10.0 just sounds ridonkulous, all you need to do is modify the pace to your liking.  The important thing is to make your challenging speed significantly higher than your comfortable speed so you still reap the calorie-burning, fitness improving benefits of interval training.

Minutes 1-10 are somewhat of a warm-up to the tough part of the workout. You start off at an easy (5.5) pace for 2.5 minutes before knocking up the incline and speed to what will be your constant active recovery minute (for me, it’s 1.0 and 6.0, respectively) – which you will come back to after every interval.  There are really 2 different sets of intervals going on in this workout – what I’ll call a “ladder” interval (highlighted in purple) and a “sprint” interval (highlighted in green).

You’ll start off with a not-too-challenging increasing ladder interval. This increasing set of intervals is when you’ll really get your legs and lungs ready for those sprints.  Every other active recovery minute is followed by a minute-long interval – that starts at a 1.0 greater speed than your active recovery – and increases by a speed of .5, 3 times – ending at minute 10.

You get 2.5 minutes of active recovery as you shift into the speed intervals.  At minute 12:30,  your 30-second sprints begin – each one followed by a minute of active recovery. I gave myself an extra 30 seconds of recovery after the 5th sprint, just as a little bonus for getting halfway through the hard stuff.

The rest of the workout is an increasing and decreasing ladder interval that starts out exactly like the first one, but this time you get to come back down the ladder.  And before you know it, it’s time for the cool-down!  I love this workout because you have to pay attention the entire time due to all of the speed changes.  It makes the time go by SO much faster…

Friday Night

I had to get ready sort of quickly after that supa sweaty run because we were celebrating a friend’s birthday at Rita’s (Mexican Restaurant), followed by a little cosmic bowling at Star Lanes.  I didn’t bring my camera, but we had a some good food – especially a thick cookie cake for the b-day boy. And we certainly had an awesome time bowling.

Bowling is such an underrated skill.  I respect a good bowler because I sure can’t get good at it for the life of me. Even though I’m not particularly talented in the bowling arena, I still like to go and have fun – maybe enjoy a little crack beer (you know, that draft beer you find in carpeted bars, bowling allies, the old Georgia Theatre, etc.) that, for whatever reason (most likely the infrequent or nonexistent pipe/tube-cleaning), gives you an instant “buzz” and makes you feel like your head is being smushed by a vise in the a.m.

Why I continue to enjoy it, I have no idea.  There’s just something about being “in the moment” at one of these fine establishments that allows me to fully embrace all that is entertaining – including their unavoidable and slightly stale aromas, their crack beer, their patrons, and if you’re really lucky – their carpets.

I wonder if this means I sometimes enjoy being a redneck?  Don’t judge.


Anyway, I woke up feeling surprisingly good Saturday morning and made myself a little breakfast…

DSC 0073

with some homemade jam…

DSC 0075

After breakfast, I squeezed in a 5 mile run through our hilly neighborhood and then made lunch – which was a delicious mango smoothie bowl topped with carob chips and coconut flakes.

DSC 0076

DSC 0077

Saturday Afternoon/Night

I got to spend Saturday afternoon with my friend, Meloons…you know, the one that’s always teaching me something. Yesterday I learned how to dry my hair correctly and was introduced to this hilarious video, among other things.

And last night we got to go to a Chili-Cook Off, which is totally my idea of a good time – especially when it’s for a good cause (Walker Foundation/SC School for the Deaf and Blind), and when it was started by one of my most favorite people of all time.  I sort of regret not bringing my camera, but do think I would have looked a little ridiculous snapping pictures of everything.  My personal favorite chili was made by some of our fellow Lake Boweners – with creative ingredients like chocolate and coffee.  We had a really good time, but I’ve got nothin’ to show ya.

Hope you enjoyed your Saturday, too!