A Monster Stole My Blog Time

It’s official.  It’s been the longest I’ve gone without posting since I started this blog. I’ve skipped 5 WHOLE days, almost 6!  Dang it. Just to let y’all know, I’ve had this post pulled up on my computer everyday since Monday and haven’t been able to finish it.  I haven’t had a solid chunk of free “alone” time to sit down and reflect, much less write a clear sentence. I had full intentions of updating on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday {I know I’ve said this before}, but life threw me a little curve ball.  My allotted “blog time” {1 full hour either before work, during lunch, or after work} was snatched straight out from under me; by a seriously dreadful monster who decided to make an appearance last week – on my gums.  Right smack in the front of my mouth, above one of my front teeth, appeared an odd bump.

{here’s where I would insert a picture, but I don’t want to induce any nausea}

I wasn’t too concerned when I noticed it last Wednesday night, or on Friday when we got to Charleston, but by the time the weekend was over I knew I needed to call the dentist first thing.  I knew it was bad when I showed people and they tried to act like it didn’t look bad…it’s pretty obvious when someone is totally grossed out, and this thing was/is disgusting.  Then I knew it was really bad when I showed people and their response was, “UGH Linds, you might want to go see a doctor about that.”  Anyway, I didn’t let it damper my weekend.


I left off on Friday when John and I were pulling into Charleston.  I actually wrote that post in the car on the way down and hopped on the city’s free wi-fi as we were sitting in horrendous lunchtime traffic on Meeting Street.  I had a trial run for my wedding hair and makeup and by the time that was all done and we got out to Sullivan’s Island, it was toddy time.  {We got to stay with the Cannon’s – my second family – at their beach house while we were in Charleston this time.} We enjoyed a few before heading to a late dinner at High Thyme, a really good restaurant down the street from their house. I didn’t take any pictures…just enjoyed myself in the moment with some of my very favorite peeps in the world.


I woke up feeling surprisingly good considering how much red wine we consumed, and took a little stroll around the neighborhood. I noticed this crazy bush in the front yard:

DSC 0005

Thought that was pretty cool.  Anyway, lunch rolled around and we made a trip to Poe’s Tavern for some bangin’ burgers.  For the rest of the afternoon, we hung out at the house and watched a storm roll in…

DSC 0021


After the storm, we were craving some ice cream.  The skies were totally clear so we set out to the ice cream store.  When we got back, I settled down to take in the sunset.

DSC 0041

DSC 0069

I watched until the moon came out.

DSC 0146

We stayed in and KK and Buff {my second parents, who were at my parent’s house for dinner the other night} made us a super delicious din din.

DSC 0004

We ate, sipped, and chatted until it was finally time for bed.  I think we were all trying to squeeze in as much time as we could with each other.  I was tired, but I didn’t want the day to end.


We woke up on Sunday to a beautiful day – not a cloud in the sky.  After breakfast, we packed up and headed to meet with our Rector for some marriage counseling prior to our upcoming nuptials.  We had a fabulous talk with him, ate a quick lunch, then hit the road back home. By the time we got back to Spartanburg, we had our own sunset to enjoy.

DSC 0020

We had some pesto chicken and brussels for dinner, and enjoyed our Sunday night TV shows {Shameless and Eastbound and Down}.

DSC 0024


Instead of posting about our AWESOME weekend on Monday as planned, I made breakfast,

DSC 0001

spent my morning freaking out {about the monster on my gums], my lunch hour at the dentist {where he took an x-ray and told me I needed to go see an endodontist because I might need a root canal}, my afternoon/evening running errands, exercising, eating dinner, and watching maybe 30 minutes of t.v. before passing out.


Made breakfast,

DSC 0002

and another early morning trip to the endodontist {who happened to be my parent’s neighbor}, where I learned that I needed a root canal.  Bummer.  Luckily, he had a cancelation and could fit me in the next morning.  I went to work feeling anxious and annoyed about my future root canal.  After work, I went to the Spartanburg County Foundation’s annual dinner, came home, and went to bed.


Made breakfast just like Tuesday’s and went to get my root canal.  It was pretty painless after all the meds kicked in.  Then the meds wore off. I don’t really even want to talk about it anymore.  The whole process is still annoying me.

And guess what last night was?!  Suppa Club!  I’ll post separately about that.


Today.  Lord, how did it already become Thursday evening?  I have spent my entire day today at work.  No cool food, no exercise, nothin.  Now I’m about to go get my exercise on.

I swear I will update again soon – mark my words.  None of this 5/6 days between posts anymore {except maybe when we’re on our honeymoon in a few weeks}. :)