Carmen Marc Valvo and Bottomless Bloody’s

Hello, hello!  I think I’ll pick right back up where I left off yesterday {Thursday’s wedding planning in Charleston} and continue with last weekend’s festivities – rather than boring you with my Monday.  Plus, I didn’t take any pictures yesterday because I didn’t want to get even more behind on my weekend update.  Whenever we have a fun weekend, it typically means I won’t have time to post while it’s actually still the weekend – which means I’ll need to do it at the beginning of the next week – which means the beginning of that week {like today and yesterday} will be weekend recaps.  Since I don’t have the time to post twice daily right now, I have to pick and chose what I’m going to talk about.

If you’ve been a reader for a while, you know that typically my posts are filled with daily normalities like eating and exercise, but today and yesterday will be a little different because I really want to share the cool stuff we got to do last weekend!  So I’ll quite rambling now and get on with it.


Friday started off like any other normal day at work, and continued that way until 5:00 rolled around.  I didn’t have time to fit in any exercise after work because we had dinner at 6:00 – with CARMEN MARC VALVO.  If you aren’t familiar with Carmen, he is a world renowned fashion designer whose elegant eveningwear is displayed in the finest department stores {Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom, Saks, etc.} and on some of the most glamorous women around the world {Beyonce, Katie Couric, Leona Lewis, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Vanessa Williams, Kate Winslet, Eva Longoria, etc.}.  He also has lines of swimwear, eyewear, lingerie, home decor, and evening bags.

And he was at Gerhard’s {one of our favorite local restaurants} with us.  Crazy!


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Carmen was in Spartanburg for the 6th Annual Unmasking Colon Cancer Ball {which I will explain later} hosted by The Center for Colon Cancer Research at The University of South Carolina.  As a colon cancer survivor himself, Carmen is a HUGE advocate for creating awareness around this disease, and the research to help prevent it.

Aside from all of his fashion-related credentials, his philanthropic work supporting colon cancer, and his charming good looks, he is incredibly humble.  I met him at last year’s Ball in Columbia, but I didn’t get the chance to sit down with him and have a conversation. It was so cool to have dinner and talk with him in good ole’ Spartanburg – at one of my favorite restaurants. I just kept thinking how awesome it was that he made the trip from New York City in order to show support for something he is truly passionate about.

So, Friday night was a good one!


Would you believe I woke up on Saturday and went to workout at 8:15am?  I almost don’t.  I did both the RIP and SPIN classes at Live Fit Now, and am so proud of myself. I think it’s the first time I’ve ever done a group fitness class on a Saturday in my life {besides yoga}. However, that was the extent of my exercise for the weekend….

After the workout and a little breakfast, John and I went to go pick up our wedding invitations {which I’m in love with} and then it was time for lunch!

We decided on Cribb’s Kitchen, and boy am I glad we did!  They just started doing bottomless bloody’s and mimosas on Saturdays, so we were super excited to check it out.  John went the bloody mary route and I was a little jealous that I picked mimosas.  They had a whole bar set up with everything you could possibly want in a bloody.

DSC 0023

All kinds of hot sauces,

DSC 0024

limes, olives, pickled stuff,

DSC 0025

and more pickled stuff.

DSC 0027

My mimosa was good, and got even better as the lunch went on….

DSC 0030

As for our food, we started off with the Brie Cheese and Apple Quesadilla {tart apple, black forest ham, and red onion marmalade}.

DSC 0031

For some reason, I really want y’all to see the inside too.  I just love brie.

DSC 0034

Perfect app to hold us over while we waited on our meals.  I finally decided on a salad I hadn’t ever seen on the menu – the Steven’s Salad.

DSC 0028

If you can’t see the picture, Steven’s Salad is mixed greens tossed with spicy roasted pumpkin seeds, brussels sprouts, craisins, croutons {which I didn’t get}, and bleu cheese crumbles with cranberry orange vinaigrette.  I added some chicken, and this is now my favorite of their salads.

DSC 0036

John got the Moroccan Burger {8oz lamb, cucumber tzatziki, and spicy cilantro pesto} with fries.  It looked amazing, but I didn’t actually taste it.

DSC 0035

I have a feeling we may be frequenting Cribb’s on Saturdays from now on…

You can’t beat good food and bottomless drinks.  Not to mention the young atmosphere.  I forgot to tell y’all that they were also doing “Starving Student Saturday,” which meant that students could get half off burgers.  I would totally take advantage of that in college.  Gone are the days where I could eat a burger whenever I wanted…

Anyway – by the time we were done eating, it was time to go to the hotel to check in and get ready for the Colon Cancer Ball!   Since I have lots more to share about Saturday night, I’ll have to do a separate post.  Once again, the weekend recap is to be continued…

I hope to finish up the last part of our weekend recap today so I can talk about actually current events, but we shall see.

Off to work.  Hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday!!  Peace out.

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