R.I.P. Muffin Kitty

Wow, folks.  Clearly wedding has been trumping blog time this week.  We’re in the single-digit countdown with 9 days to go!!!!!

I know I warned y’all about no post over the weekend, but again I didn’t expect it to be Thursday before getting the chance to sit down and update.  I’m not overly busy with wedding planning, but more like busy with my own personal needs.  Before I get into that, I’ll give you a quick update on the past week.


After I left y’all last Friday, our family had to say a sad goodbye to our 16-year old kitty, Muffin.  I don’t necessarily love cats, but she was the best cat in the world – never bothered anyone, but always came to say hey.  Sometimes she looked like a raccoon, sometimes an owl, sometimes a lioness…she wore many hats.


Although it was really sad to lose her, we were all grateful that she lived a long and happy life.  We waited for my sister to get in from Auburn before starting her funeral.  As our sweet dad lowered her into the ground {yes, he made her her very own pine casket},

Muffin funeral

he brought up the fact that she lived through the following: 2 Pine Street Elementary School graduations, 2 McCracken Jr. High graduations, 2 Spartanburg High School graduations, 2 dogs, 3 grandparent deaths, a few rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, etc., 1 college graduation, almost another college graduation, and almost a wedding.  We were definitely blessed with Muffin – which is why she gets to rest in the coolest spot in my parent’s backyard.

Muffin grave

With her own cross…

Muffin s cross

R.I.P. Muffin Kitty

After her funeral, John and I went on a spontaneous dinner date with our friends Anna and Stephen and had a blast.  Then it was Saturday.


Remember how I said I didn’t want to do anything but relax?  Well, I was successful.  It was pretty easy to relax when the lake looked like this:

DSC 0027

I shut off my phone and my computer, enjoyed the weather, and went to be around 9:00pm.


I love Easter Sunday.  We went to church and came back to my parent’s house to enjoy a big ole’ lunch on the back porch.

DSC 0041

Oh, and we found a robin’s egg that we nestled in the hydrangeas {it was already dead, don’t worry…we’re not murderers}.

DSC 0036

We got all the food laid out,

DSC 0047

and helped ourselves.  I loaded my plate,

DSC 0048

and enjoyed every bite.  I sort of classified this as my “last supper” before kicking it into wedding-ready gear.

After we finished up lunch, John and I headed to the lake to spend the day on the boat – just the 2 of us.

DSC 0054

I also painted an adirondack chair while John watched the end of the Master’s, but that’s neither here nor there.  I made some concoction for dinner…

DSC 0073

And then watched Game of Thrones instead of blogging.


I woke up Monday morning and made some raspberry wheat germ pancakes that were out of this world.

DSC 0008

I can’t remember what I did for lunch, or what my workout was, but I do remember what I had for dinner.  Toto and I hung out and we had a smorgasbord of leftovers.

DSC 0012


Basically, I lost it on Tuesday.  I woke up with the worst case of puffy eyes you’ve ever seen.  I was outside all Monday evening and my sinuses/allergies apparently got the best of me.  I think God sent me a sick-day so I would slow down, I swear.  I spent the day resting and doing some much needed reflecting.  My reflections were super personal, but I’ll share my thoughts when I’m ready…


Yesterday I felt much better, but definitely not 100%.  I did get to pick up my wedding dress, though!  That lifted my spirits BIG time.  So much so that I picked some wildflowers at the end of my evening jog – and put them in my favorite little vase that my old roomie gave me for my b-day last year. :)

DSC 0016

I wish y’all could’ve seen them in the field…they were electric against the tall green grass.  And for dinner, I made a brussels concoction with roasted eggplant and tomatoes.  I will share these recipes soon, I promise.

DSC 0038


I’m caught up!  Today is Thursday – woo hoo!  I made my first spring-time smoothie this morning for breakfast, and it was delish.

DSC 0042

And y’all would be proud to know I’ve stayed an extra hour at the office just to blog.  I hope nobody is under the impression that I’m thinking of giving up the blog {or starting to post only once a week}, because I’m not.  There are just other things, like taking care of myself, that I’m putting first right now.  With our wedding only 9 days away, I’m doing my best to stay calm, cool, and collected.

And now I’m off to enjoy my Thursday evening with a little Jazz and some din din.  Hope you all had a great week…it’s almost the weekend!