My Brain Hurts

Happy Good Friday, friends!  Another crazy week has come and gone with what seems like the snap of a finger. I know I’ve started every post lately with something along these lines, but it’s because it’s the truth.  My weeks for the past couple of months have been jam-packed with stuff — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Having things to occupy my time is making waiting for the 21st a whole lot more tolerable.  If I didn’t have stuff to do, I would be going nuts waiting on wedding day to get here. 

I left y’all on Monday night, and haven’t hopped on my computer after work since then.  Not because I didn’t have any free time, but because I really needed {and still need} my free time to relax my brain from thinking so much.  When I realized on Monday that I only had 2 full weeks of work left, I about did a little jig.  Then it hit me that I only had 2 full weeks of work left — I still have to finish my projects and get my stuff in order so that I can come back to the office in peace when we return to the real world. I don’t even want to think about work when I walk out the door to head down to Charleston, and I definitely don’t want to worry about what I have to do when I get back. 

Therefore, I’ve been doing everything I can to make sure I get all of my ducks in a row before I check out.  Herein lies my issue — the  “checking out” wants to come a little early…as in, like, now.  I’m pretty familiar with this issue, but haven’t always been able to deal with it.  Whenever something exciting approaches, like a break or vacation of some sort, I tend to start thinking about the break more than anything else – which puts me into break-mode, which leads to the “checking out.”  Well, now I’m getting paid and can’t just “check out” like I used to. I’ve been having to consciously think about not thinking about our wedding {and our honeymoon} so I can stay focused and get my work done. Damn growing up. 

Back to the point – my brain needed a break after work everyday this week from constantly thinking about not thinking. It’s hard on the ole noggin’ to block something so awesome out of your thoughts… 

Basically I’m really ready to not have to think so hard. I’ve been rewarding my hard-working brain by avoiding my laptop {and everything else that requires deep thinking} after leaving work. 


After work on Tuesday, I went to a spin and core barre class, ate dinner {unpictured} courtesy Toto {mom}, watched a tiny bit of t.v., and passed out.


After work on Wednesday, I chilled, did a rip class, ate leftovers with my friend Sarah {unpictured}, watched American Idol, and passed out.


I actually brought my camera around with me because I knew I wouldn’t have anything cool for y’all to look at from Tuesday or Wednesday. I ate breakfast on the way to work,


lunch with my dad and grandmother at The Farmer’s Table,


and had leftovers again for dinner.


Oh, and I saw a really cool rainbow after our afternoon monsoon.


{I’m in the median Toto,  don’t freak out}

Oh, and I made some sugar cookies last night that will be decorated for Easter at some point.


It’s Friday!

I have taken zero pictures, and now I’m off to play!

Ha, rhymes.  Seriously though, my brain hurts. I’m turning off the focus now.  If you run into me over the weekend, don’t ask me anything challenging.  I have a feeling blog time might get bumped too, but we’ll see. Hope you all have a fabulous Easter with your friends and family!  If you don’t celebrate Easter, I hope you still have a fabulous weekend with your friends and family!  I’m relaxing until Monday. PEACE OUT.

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  1. Christina Russell says

    2 weeks until you are MARRIED. I’m so PUMPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (this is pretty unrelated to your blog post)