Back To Life, Back To Reality…

Helloooo there friends!  Why I thought I would automatically have a bunch of free time to blog when we got back on Monday — I know not. I forgot about minor details like MOVING, eating, work.  You know, the little things. I loathe the moment I realized it was time to get “back to life, back to reality.”  Why does the actual honeymoon have to end?  I could vacation all the time.  I think I’m pretty good at it.

In all seriousness, it’s not just those absolutely necessary things that kept me from updating.  If I’m being completely honest here, it’s really because I’ve been spending lots of time visiting {and/or talking} with friends and family about our wedding and our honeymoon!  Oh, and I’ve been indulging in my favorite activity that got pushed to the side for a couple of months…cooking after work.  Yeahhhh.  I’ve longed for the days when cooking delish dinners trumped evening workouts — and they’re back {thank the Lord}.  Glad my priorities are in order…

Here’s a rundown of my evenings {my days were all at work, except for a fun lunch date today with my friend, Mary, which was the best break from the office I could have asked for!}:

Monday night I went to dinner with John, Grandmama, and my Dad and by the time I got home, it was sleepy time.  But Tuesday night, it was on.  John was busy judging, so I took it upon myself to cook a meal I know I won’t ever be able to talk him into: tofu and veggies.

DSC 0035

And yes, I ate it off the one “live” dinner plate we currently have at our house {the rest of our plates and such will be around in a month or so}.  Thanks Callie and Jeffrie! :)  I know I probably shoulda waited on it’s mates, but I couldn’t resist.  It’s just too cool to sit by itself with nobody to eat with.

DSC 0037

I had all these pictures of the cooking process and fully intended on telling you about it last night, but by the time John got home I just wanted to spend time with him.  I’m sorry for giving y’all the boot. Sort of. :)

As for tonight, John and I cooked our first meal as a married couple together!  I don’t mean to sound all sentimental, but it felt good to be in our home, it was fun, and it was REALLY good.  We had pork tenderloin with a soy/ginger/concoction marinade,

DSC 0006

rainbow chard with portobello mushrooms and red onion,

DSC 0002

DSC 0004

and a side of couscous with toasted pine nuts and dried currants.

DSC 0003

I didn’t use the cool plate because I didn’t want to be different than him…I’m a loser….

DSC 0007

DSC 0009

We both devoured everything, and even had just enough left over for me to take to lunch tomorrow.  Success.

Now, I don’t want anymore disgruntled readers {cough, cough, Ashley, cough cough :) }, so I’ll share a couple of photos from right before the wedding to hold you over until I have time to gather my thoughts, and some Facebook pics.  Plus, I probably won’t have the professional stuff for a while — and those are going to be SWEET.  I’ll use what I can find from friends in order to update before then, but not until after this work week ends {I need morning time to focus on a wedding post, and I haven’t been able to get up early because both my time and sleep schedule are still messed up}.

Here’s us getting ready to go,


the Pig coming into St. Philip’s to wish us luck,


{he’s famous, in my opinion – I’m Big on the Pig}


and our first dance…


all big moments on our wedding day. :)

Now I’m sleepy, so I’ll say goodnight.  Ta-ta for now!

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  1. Elizabeth says

    Loved all the pics from the ‘moon!!!! Coming home is wknd… Perhaps ill see you??! :) xx

  2. says

    you are beautiful and the pork tenderloin dinner looks amazing. congratulations and welcome home!