Picnic Suppa Club

Hola amigos! Hope you’ve all had a good Thursday. It’s been a long one for me, but not too bad!  My day started a little earlier than normal with a really cool Spartanburg Young Professionals “Town Hall” meeting at our brand new downtown branch of USC Upstate, The George {a.k.a. College of Business and Economics}. We got to hear from a panel of 3 business leaders and developers in our community — who have essentially changed the face of our downtown over the past 10 or so years — and had the opportunity to ask them questions about what our generation can do to help Spartanburg become the vibrant community I am confident it can {and will} be.  And soon, I think.


Photo Source: Destination360.com

My wheels were spinning throughout the whole meeting with ideas, thoughts, memories, and wishes for our little downtown.  I got so excited/sort of nervous that it really is up to us {by us, I mean 22 – 40 yr olds with our fresh, creative, and innovative ideas} to make Spartanburg a “cool” place to be. I mean, I already think it’s cool or I wouldn’t live here…now how do I channel my thoughts about Spartanburg to the rest of the world?  That, I do not yet know…

Anyway, change of subject.

May Suppa Club!!

Our Picnic Suppa Club last night may or may not have contributed to my long day today. Aside from all the fun we had {while missing Ben and Lucy TONS}, the food was absolutely delicious and I stuffed myself to the rim.  I know I mentioned yesterday what everyone was making, but boy I didn’t know it would be so good.

Bryan and Sarah’s chicken, steak, and shrimp kabobs were no ordinary kabobs.  They were “citrus-tarragon chicken, dijon-rosemary steak, and lemon-garlic shrimp kabobs” — and they were outstanding.  Especially the chicken.  Sarah found the recipe here and Bryan did a really good job squeezing them all on the grill with the veggies….and cooked them to perfection.

DSC 0005

{shrimp went on last so that’s why they didn’t make the picture}

While the kabobs were grilling, my mouth was watering watching Sarah get the Chocolate Cookies ready.

DSC 0006

Holy mother of chocolate. It was hard not to nibble a bite once they came out of the oven…

DSC 0011

But, by the time the cookies were done, so was everything else.  I was ok waiting with this spread at our disposal:

Rachelle and Sean’s ridiculously good watermelon salad,

DSC 0007

our wannabe black-eyed pea salad,

DSC 0009

the lemon-garlic shrimp,

DSC 0015

tomatoes and mushrooms,

DSC 0013

and the citrus-tarragon chicken, dijon-rosemary steak, and peppers.

DSC 0016

Is that for real?  Yes.  And you would’ve loved it too.

DSC 0019

I think we all became members of the clean plate club. With dessert, too.

DSC 0021

Seriously, these chocolate cookies were probably the best fudge chocolatey cookies I’ve ever eaten – in my life. Sarah found the recipe for these “Salted Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies” a while ago on one of my now-favorite food blogs, Annie’s Eats.  Delicious. Scrumptious. Whatever. They were Good.

And I wrapped one up in a paper towel and took one to-go…

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