New Years Eve and a Wedding!

Happy New Years Eve and greetings from Grayton Beach, FL!  We finally made it here yesterday around lunchtime, and the fun began almost immediately. First, we checked into our bed and breakfast – which is in such a cool spot.

DSC 0010

There’s such a homey/friendly vibe all throughout this place – they made us feel so welcome. We’re staying in the “Big Easy,” a handicap room with a New Orleans theme (yes, it is awesome).

DSC 0018

DSC 0006

DSC 0005

DSC 0008

There’s even a little art gallery

DSC 0012

and a Backyard of Love.

DSC 0014

After we got settled, we headed down to the Red Bar to kick off the weekend.

DSC 0023

Sat out back and enjoyed a cold one (or two)

DSC 0021

DSC 0022

before heading over to the boy’s house to see everybody (with our drinks in hand because there’s no open container laws – schweet!).

DSC 0025

Clearly, this was the place to be yesterday afternoon…

DSC 0037

DSC 0038

And last night, we went to an amazing party given by Jeffrie’s dad and brother.  I didn’t bring my camera for fear of damage, but it really was such a perfect way to celebrate the night before their big day.

And this morning, we took full advantage of the breakfast in the cafe at our place.

DSC 0040

I got a banana pancake and the spinach and feta frittata with a side of fruit and all of it was absolutely delicious.

DSC 0048

We sat in a little corner and talked with one of the owners,

DSC 0042

and left to go take a nap…

DSC 0051

And now we’re off to the wedding!  Let the festivities begin!!!

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